How to legally save money on postage stamps

Going feral has its pitfalls. One of them is counterfeit or stolen goods. Postage stamps are a common counterfeited item. A quick search on eBay turns up 16,822 results for us postage stamps.

Some of these listings are legitimate; even the US Postal Service is selling stamps on eBay (for the same price and shipping cost as at The cheaper listings might be real stamps honestly purchased by someone who found a way to save money on them. Instead of gambling that you found a listing that isn’t counterfeit or stolen, use these methods to save money on postage.

  • Print your own postage at home. If you send a lot of parcels or bills for your home business, sign up for a service like, shipstation, or pitney bowes to receive a metered postage discount and other sales/incentives from the company. Read carefully when you sign up – there might be an annual service contract or other commitment that makes it hard to change your mind.
  • Buy stamps at a grocery store or box store with a credit card discount. Use a credit card with incentives for the type of store you are shopping at. Discover has a 5% discount at grocery stores in 2018 Quarter 2, American Express Blue Cash Preferred has a 6% discount at grocery stores year-round, and Chase offered 5% cash back at Walmart in 2017 Quarter 4.
  • Use your credit card rewards. If you have a cash back rewards card, apply the cash back against purchases that are infrequent or not part of your normal budget — like stamps.
  • Sign up for a credit card with a sign-up bonus. This is how I paid for Christmas this year! (post coming soon!) Use creditkarma or another credit card comparison site to choose a new credit card with a sign-up bonus. Put all your normal spending on it (don’t overspend!) and include a year’s worth of stamps to help you reach the bonus threshold. The cash back can pay for your stamps (and more, like a tank of heating oil, or all the holiday presents and cards for your family).

Stamps never go on sale, unless they’re fake or stolen. Use these tips to make your own sale anyway!