How To Repair a Broken Lampshade… with Athletic Tape!

My lamp went missing and I found it on the floor behind the couch. Oh no!

I blame the cats.

Don’t be a zoo monkey

I could have gone all Zoo Monkey and hit order again on Amazon. This pair of lamps is touch-on. I bought it for midnight diaper changes, so I could turn on the light without fumbling for a switch. It turned out to be very useful for my sore hands with rheumatoid arthritis too.

I could have gone pure Cave Man and trashed it. Who needs two lamps when you could do without?


We went feral, of course. I found cloth athletic tape on clearance for $2 (minus 6% cash back with the American Express credit card at grocery stores).

First the structural repairs:

Second, careful layering to cover the whole lampshade.

And some tape spent to keep a kitten “helping” in non-destructive fashion.

The finished product!