Furnish: The new side table!

I found a bright red $2 Ikea side table at Goodwill this morning ($1.80 with the discount card! Plus 1.5% cash back! For those of you counting). With materials, I spent $2.66 for my new table!

Ikea is rare in this part of the world. The nearest store is in Connecticut, about a 12 hour drive one way.

2017-09-24 15.50.27This table has an interesting history, judging by the heavy duty velcro stuck all over the table. I’m guessing a LEGO setup? I sat the table in the sun to warm and then peeled off the velcro squares with a plastic putty knife. They would have come off more cleanly with a hair dryer warming the adhesive, but I don’t know where my hairdryer is. Again. It has been used for removing thrift store labels more than for drying my hair. I didn’t mind the dings though; I had a plan.

The Dollar Tree (One of my favorite places!) has self-stick shelving paper for $1. I recovered the table with my favorite print.

2017-09-24 19.24.44

2017-09-24 18.56.13
A kitten gave it a test run.









I love how the red pops with the black-and-white print. I’m thrilled with this result, especially for under $3 and under 30 minutes of work!

2017-09-24 18.49.16
Voila! The finished piece.