Cat’s Tips: How to use Amazon Subscribe & Save Wisely


Cat’s 7 Tips to Subscribe & Save on Amazon Without an Oopsie!

1. Buy what you need: When you see a good price on something you would buy anyway, subscribe.
2. Give yourself breathing room: Always choose a 6 month subscription interval.
3: Spend more to save more: At present, subscribing to 1-4 items gives you a 5% discount and 5+ gives you a 15% discount. If you have 1-4 subscriptions at 5% off, see if it’s worth getting to 5 subscriptions with small items such as chapstick or seasonings. If you have 4 subscriptions worth $90, adding a $1 subscription will save you $9 on what you were buying anyway. In other words, you will be paid $8 to add that chapstick to your order. If you only have 1-2 low cost items, this might not save you any money.
4. Double up to save more: A second method of getting to 15% is to have 2 subscriptions for the same thing. Instead of one subscription for 2 cans of coffee, create 2 subscriptions for 1 can of coffee. It will count twice.
5. Instant-ish gratification: When you are happy with your order, no need to wait until your normal day of the month. On the Subscribe & Save menu, select “Change delivery day.” There is still a long lead time, around 10 days, but that’s a lot better than waiting a month.
6. Groundhog Day: Did your box ship, and you suddenly remember vacation is coming? You should have included sunscreen, bug spray, swimmy diapers, and dramamine! Never fear, subscribe to everything you need on next month’s box, then change your delivery day to be the earliest allowed. I’ve gotten as many as 3 different subscribe & save orders on different delivery days in the same calendar month.
7. Forget away: Remember that you set all of your subscriptions for 6 months? That’s to give you time to cancel items you forgot about or don’t need anymore. If you have an important item (like coffee!) that you use predictably and don’t mind paying retail, it’s fine to leave it on a normal monthly subscription. Otherwise cancel everything, or set all the subscriptions to inactive. You’ll remember to order again when you notice you are getting low on something.

Follow these 7 tips and keep your household stocked and your costs down!

Kudos to Amazon for the recent update to its subscribe & save page. It now says “Note: Prices go up and down over time, but you’ll always get your Subscribe & Save savings on top of the current price.” Hurray for clarity!

This information used to be buried. When I first started using Subscribe & Save, I (and many bloggers I read) would hurry to Subscribe to items that were on sale, believing that we had “locked in” the price. Instead, we would get one subscription box on that sale price, and it would go back to regular retail in a few months. I should have noticed long before I really did, but I shunted all “your order shipped” emails into an email folder and never opened them. I know, tsk tsk.

Do you have any tips to manage Subscribe & Save wisely? Share them below!