How I fixed the toilet without bothering Leo


Last night I tried to flush the toilet.

Nothing happened.

The handle moved and flopped freely without the requisite gurgle.

I assumed something had disconnected, so I popped the lid off and peeked inside. It’s kind of gross in there. I use bleach and dye tablets to keep the bowl looking clean, but they make the inside of the tank all cloudy and sudsy. Alas, instead of a detatched chain, I found the long plastic arm that lifts the plunger off the drain was snapped.

Superglue to the rescue? I got superglue from the kitchen, dried the ends, glued both and waited 20 seconds before connecting them. I was kind of skeptical that the bond would be strong enough, and looked around the bathroom while thinking of duct tape and splints.

Score! There was a small lump of putty sitting on the shelf. It was plastic bonding epoxy left over from fixing my orthotics (there’s another story) earlier that evening. I wiped the excess superglue away. That held the arm together while I worked the putty. I molded the putty around the break and a few inches in either direction for strength. A little painter’s tape across the handle and a sticky note to use the upstairs toilet until morning, and we were back in business, so to speak!

Here’s the stuff I use to fix everything (link to Amazon*):

Cold Weld (metal version)

Cold Weld (plastic version)

Quicker and easier than calling the landlord. Leo, you’re welcome.

*No affiliate linking shenanigans here today. Maybe someday!